My focus is watercolor illustration and pen and ink hand lettering and in this age of the vector and digital and screens galore, I believe we’re all longing to see more of the hand-made, the hand-drawn, the feeling of connecting to something someone made. By hand.

Contact me if you’ve got a project that needs a touch (or a whole lot) of illustration — I’m looking to collaborate with people on projects centered around women, spirit, magic, mystery and Flowers!

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Illustration for Mabel Magazine

Lettered Lines Button.jpg

Lettered Lines with Maya Stein

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Book Cover Illustration


“My collaboration with Liz has elevated my words in a way I hadn’t anticipated. To see the care involved in the hand lettering, and the attention she has given these illustrations gives the poems a new accessibility, intimacy, and depth. ”

Maya Stein, Ninja Poet, Writing Guide, Creative Adventuress


“When I redesigned my website, I knew I wanted to use watercolor to convey not only a timeless look and feel but also more complex concepts that are essential to my teaching and business. Liz helped bring all of this to life with a variety of creative and insightful ideas and options. I couldn't be happier with the final result!”

Anna Guest-Jelley, Founder & CEO of Curvy Yoga

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Recent Illustration projects . . .