Curvy Yoga website

client: Anna Guest-Jelley

Earlier this year I teamed up with Anna Guest-Jelley of Curvy Yoga and Sarah Bray to create some illustrations for the re-design of the Curvy Yoga website. We began by talking about concepts like flow, spaciousness and ease; and moved on to images of paths, rivers flowing, DNA, friendship bracelets, triangles and Venn diagrams, and how any {or all of them} might clarify and define the yoga journey and also the journey of getting comfortable with living in your body.

Curvy Yoga Practice starts on your yoga mat because yoga isn’t part of a “fix yourself” paradigm but rather a “know yourself” paradigm. And then it journeys with you off your yoga mat because the same is true of body acceptance.   —Anna Guest-Jelley

We ended up going with a series of 4 triangles — a point up triangle in alchemy means breathe or air and a point down triangle means body or earth — that could stand alone or come together to form a larger more defined triangle and that would encompass the direction and concepts behind Curvy Yoga — Love your body. Live your life.