Tools & Talismans #83 Rebecca Hass

The staff paper and mechanical pencil enable me to write down what I'm composing, and the piano is obviously also a critical tool in this process. I typically write on full-sheet paper at home, but carry this notebook around, just in case.

Post-It notes are extremely helpful when it comes to focusing in on which items need to get done that day, and my iPhone acts as metronome, timer, recording device, research device, and player of music or podcasts while I'm doing computer work.

The red-topped cactus is a representative of my growing succulent collection, which gives me with some much-needed color, especially during the sensory deprivation of bleak Minnesota winters.

I almost always have a cup of tea nearby while I'm working, whether black, green, or herbal, often in this, my favorite mug.

Lastly, the very beloved Rusty the cat is my near-constant companion while working at home (sometimes unhelpfully, as pictured) - he provides emotional support and amusement.

Rebecca Hass is a pianist, teacher, arranger, composer, and Brasilophile.