Tools & Talismans #82 Karen Rauch Carter

I consider my gauss meter one of my “contemporary feng shui” tools. It helps me show my clients where they are spending time in electro-magnetic fields (also known as EMF’s) often supporting if not completely causing everything from sleepless nights to MS and arthritis, etc. (although you know I can’t officially claim that, right?)

If you’ve ever had a mom with a 13-month old baby that has missed every first-year milestone beg you to help her figure out what is causing such a phenomenon (her doctor was completely stumped) and you find out that the air purifier under the crib is creating huge EMF’s, you get the power of this handy-dandy tool. One change in that baby’s environment caused the doctor to say, “Whatever you are doing – keep doing it!” Darned if that baby didn’t catch up with its peers.

Many years ago now, while taking a dowsing and earth acupuncture workshop, my fellow classmates and I were told to go out and “find a wand from a tree to use for dowsing.” Everyone went outside and starting wandering around talking to the trees. Eventually, I found a tree to “talk to,” and proceeded to ask it for one particular branch. It “said” that I could indeed take that branch . . . which brought me to tears as I was overwhelmed with gratitude as I removed it from the tree.

Most students came back in with the same experience . . . and I have used that one “magic wand” ever since to locate and balance out unsuitable earth lines for my clients.

My seven-metal Tibetan bell is my go-to space clearing tool. I either place the dorje in the center of the home or room or even give it to my client to hold. Then I ring the ghanta (bell-looking part) by running the rosewood dowel around the rim of the bell while saying mantras (usually internally.) Once you feel the penetrating sound this bell makes you easily understand how it can break up and release clunky or negative energy from a space.

There are many uses for salt in my work. One way is to place it in water near my health-challenged clients – especially if they are in a hospital. I also burn it (by adding a potent alcohol and lots of intentions) to clean very stubborn negative energies.

Karen Rauch Carter • Feng Shui Consultant.