Tools & Talismans #84 Maggie Taylor

It was the early 2000s when I first started seeing Maggie Taylor's artwork — on magazine covers, then on CD covers and later she published a few books. She was practicing a relatively new art medium back then — digital collage, and I remember thinking: she's taking this art form to a whole other planet, creating worlds, universes and stories in each of her complex and beautifully surreal pieces. I'm guessing that if you've ever seen her work, you'd remember it, like Girl with a Bee Dress, does that conjure a visual? Have a visit to her site if you're not familiar with her work, she's phenomenal!

The actual tools I use in my work are primarily digital, and I spend most of the day with my Wacom pen tool on the tablet at my computer.  Occasionally I sign prints with a real pencil and it has to be a 4B.

I collect many small objects and a few of these are ones I have had for many, many years.  George Mortal Freak is my orange eraser in the form of a monster and I have had him since before the age of 10.  The same goes for the red dressed wood fairy with a pearl head.  I have my grandmother’s “worry box” and various other little talismans sitting around on my desk all the time.  I have more than one desk, actually, and lots of spaces where I keep stuff sitting out because I like to see these things.  The rabbit with a ribbon on his neck and President Coolidge normally sit on my desk as well.  This is my favorite old lace doll, Mrs. Bookser.

Maggie Taylor • Creator of Lovely Things.