Tools & Talismans #76 Rhea Zimmerman Komarek

I met Rhea at an International Women's Day event in Napa California 4 years ago. I was presenting with Mary Anne Radmacher my co-author of She: A Celebration of Greatness in Every Woman and Rhea was introducing her forth-coming movie Love Bomb: A Journey of Fear to Love. I was so captured by her story, and the premise of her work — both as a chiropractor and as a film maker — and when I started putting together a list of women who I wanted to be a part of this Tools & Talismans series, she was on the very first iteration. She is of service both as a healer and a speaker about altruism and also as a woman who continues to give back to the world in order to “create a better story for humanity.”

My hands are my primary tool and the first to develop, they are how I give to life as a chiropractor, and the core of how I touch people, in real life, day to day.  They are an expression of love.  The rose is one of the symbols that I love, the essence of the flower blossoming.  This is a symbol of my work and the name of my chiropractic studio Blossom.  My goal is to help people to Blossom, knowing that it is our innate design and that we simply need the right conditions to relax, grow, and open.  It is also my mission in life, to relax, grow, and open to give of myself to life fully.  

The bracelet says "Love Bomber" and is a reminder of who I am and the tribe that I am connecting with through my film Love Bomb, my podcast Love Bombers, and the 8 week immersion program I have developed for choosing Love over Fear, called the My Love Bomb Program.  

The ring represents my marriage and my family, the cornerstone relationship that is my support and that holds the life of my son Destry in the safe arms of love.  The computer and mic are the technological tools that represent my love of creating transformational media, from my film to my CD set Breathe Love to my podcast to the online portion of my course and online forums I run!

Rhea Zimmerman Komarek is a Transformational Media Developer, Chief Love Bomber, Chiropractor, Wife, Mommy, and Friend