Tools & Talismans #78 Maria Pace-Wynters

I use many different tools for mark making and papers for patterns and textures.

I have had my horse hair brush for over thirty years. I use it to brush away all the the grit, chalk dust, and paper scraps off my work place.  It is functional but I love how it looks and I love that I have had it for such a long time.  I use my dragon brush occasionally but it is less functional. Mostly, I just like to have it around to look at.  I love surrounding myself with beautiful things. I find such pleasure in that.

My cup and saucer were given to me by my mother decades ago. It is rare that any dish that I use daily would last that long so that in itself makes it special to me. The colours used to be bright, fruit on a green background, but they are now faded. I find that comforting somehow. My husband makes me a latte in a flask and I take my cup and flask to my studio every day. It’s the perfect size. I pour out small amounts from the flask so it stays hot. I often forget about my coffee when I get into a painting so this stretches it out longer and I am not left with a large cup of cold coffee.

My necklace is always around my neck. I love the large circle. It represents the circle of life to me. My mother in law gave it to me and it is handmade by a jeweller from Alberta.

My nib pen and black ink play a huge part in my mixed media paintings. I love the many mark making tools that I have but my favourite tool is my nib pen.

Maria Pace-Wynters • Mixed Media Artist.