Tools & Talismans #75 Stefanie Renée

Compass:  I received this as a birthday present from a dear friend and it sits beside me at my desk.  It reminds me to find my true north and keep on striving for what I really want in life.

VW Bus:  I also have a collection of VW buses and this particular one sits outside my window that I work at and reminds me that adventure is not that far away.

Hamburger eraser: This represents and reminds me of a hamburger bell I had on a bike one summer with friends and every time I rang that bell it meant a “yes to life” exclamation! It reminds me to look at things differently and to really have a “Yes to Life” outlook.

Heart Shell:  When I am out in the world, I look and find hearts everywhere. Either in trees, rocks, leaves, shells. It’s become a habit that my daughters have taken too and it reminds us that love is all around us, all the time. I have a collection of different rocks and shells and I choose 1 to have with me all the time . . .

Laptop:  This is the main tool for my business, I’m a creative entrepreneur assistant and I manage at least 3-4 email accounts daily + all the behind the scenes of these different businesses. I couldn’t work without it. It also allows me the flexibility to work wherever I want.

Watercolors, pencil, pen and brush: I started sketching and water coloring a couple of years ago and they sit on my desk so I have a daily practice of doing something creative. It feeds me in so many ways.

Burts Bees: A tube is never far away, in my purse, my desk, my nightstand, a constant for me.

Fitbit:  I wear this every day and it motivates me to move my body.  I like the reminder to get up from my desk, get outside and walk.

iPhone: my phone is my constant companion for better or for worse. It’s my camera, my entertainer, my link to the outside world.

Stefanie Renee is a Mother, an Artist/Photographer and an all around behind-the-scenes guru for creative entrepreneurs. She’s been motivated to live a creative life, and has always chosen personal and professional pursuits that support and deepen this relationship.  You can find her on Instagram @stefanierenee.