Amy Tingle • Artist. Magic Maker. Craftivist.

Website Design
client: Amy Tingle


THE PROJECT: Create a website that reflects Tingle’s personality, style of art (collage) and incorporate how her art and her voice are an integral piece of what she creates — she is about community, she is about self-expression, she is about empowering girls and women and she is about speaking up , seeking the truth and making art.

In her words: “For me, collage is always the perfect metaphor for life and I recognize that I’m closest to my feelings about motherhood, family, marriage, and the current political climate in my artwork. It is in the studio where I feel free to bump up against my despair, worry, anger, disenchantment, and frustration, where I explore love and desire and faith. It is here that I rattle the bars of the cage of motherhood. It is here where I feel safe to rage against the machine.”


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