Amy Tingle • Artist. Magic Maker. Craftivist.

Website Design
client: Amy Tingle


THE PROJECT: Create a website that reflects Tingle’s personality, style of art (collage) and incorporate how her art and her voice are an integral piece of what she creates — she is about community, she is about self-expression, she is about empowering girls and women and she is about speaking up , seeking the truth and making art.

In her words: “For me, collage is always the perfect metaphor for life and I recognize that I’m closest to my feelings about motherhood, family, marriage, and the current political climate in my artwork. It is in the studio where I feel free to bump up against my despair, worry, anger, disenchantment, and frustration, where I explore love and desire and faith. It is here that I rattle the bars of the cage of motherhood. It is here where I feel safe to rage against the machine.”


“Working with Liz on my website design was truly a dream come true. It was relaxed and easy because she makes it so! Her original questionnaire is detailed and thorough so that she understands her clients’ desires regarding all aspects of the design from the start. I loved everything about her direction for my site from the moment she shared the first draft with me, and there were very few tweaks to make after that. She captured my personality perfectly—when you open my website you immediately get a true sense of who I am visually. It was utterly joyful to work with Liz and I’d hire her again and again. ”

Amy Tingle, Artist, Magic Maker, Craftivist

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