The Keepsake Project

Cover Design | Interior Design and Layout
Client: Lisa Solomon

Keepsake Project Lisa intro.jpg

THE PROJECT:  In the Fall of 2015, Lisa Solomon was an artist in residence at the Irving Street Projects in San Francisco. While there she documented, painted and transcribed the personal accounts of 65 people and their keepsakes. When the work was handed over to me, I had scans of Lisa's sketches and paintings, the photographs and original tags that she’d filled out with the story about each keepsake and I focused the direction of the book design around these elements. Instead of a traditional show catalogue with typeset copy and an image of the art, we created a catalogue organized around the keepsakes themselves.

Keepsake Project embroidered shirt.jpg

Keepsake Project Fifi Spread.jpg

“Working with Liz was a dream. I'm an artist and also a sometimes graphic designer and trying to design my own book was giving me heart palpitations. It's really hard for me to trust other people to make design decisions. Liz was AMAZING to work with. She was intuitive, got the project immediately, gave me just the right number of options, listened to feedback and really nailed the project. I couldn't recommend her more! ”

Lisa Solomon,
Artist & Teacher


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