The Keepsake Project

Client: Lisa Solomon

In the fall of 2015 Lisa was artist-in-residence at Irving Street Projects in San Francisco with her Keepsake Project. It was a project designed around the sentimental value of cherished keepsakes. At the end of the residency, 65 keepsakes were documented through photography, drawing, and transcription of the personal accounts of the objects’ significance to their owners. Lisa’s residency culminated in an exhibition, a website, and this book.

When the work was handed over to me, I had 65 scans of Lisa's sketches and paintings, the photographs and original tags that Lisa had filled out with the story about each keepsake and I centered the direction for the overall design of the book around these elements. So rather than a traditional show catalogue with typeset copy and an image of the art, this catalogue is organized around the keepsakes themselves.

You can purchase the catalogue for The Keepsake Project here.

Cover Design | Interior Design and Layout