Live with Intention

Client: Mary Anne Radmacher & Conari Press

Mary Anne Radmacher wrote her seminal piece Live with Intention more than two decades ago and it's her treatise on how we can learn to step into the world of intentional living. I worked closely with Mary Anne and her publisher Conari Press to create a vessel that would hold her thoughts on what it means to live each day with intention. Her words {and this book} guide us to figure out what counts most for us, what will make our lives richer and allow us to make a difference, and bring joy and laughter and beauty into each and every moment of our lives.

Each chapter is designed around its own unique color palette, paired with Mary Anne's symbol-ic art to frame the work and help the reader grasp concepts like: spirit, play, gratitude, forgiveness and generosity in order to Live with Intention.

Cover design | Art direction | Interior design and layout

Some of the most beautiful work I’ve sent into the world has first traveled through Liz’s artful hands. I work with Liz as a collaborative peer. Her flexibility, ease of expression and willingness to work cooperatively is Olympic level. She is intuitive, respectful and appreciative.
— Mary Anne Radmacher