Moving Water: A Memoir

Book Cover Design
client: Christine Mason Miller 

Moving Water FC.jpg
Moving Water BC.jpg

THE PROJECT: To create a cover for a memoir about forgiveness, acceptance, grief, growth, change — you know, family. It was a challenge that made my tummy feel fluttery — scared and excited — and not sure which emotion would win out. You know that one? My first few design samples were “safe”, but I knew the design needed to be more complex than a photo of the author in the water with a beautiful script font; it needed to have an edge, some tooth, some indication that this is the real thing, this is the story of a life and the cover needed to be as brave as the story within.

Moving Water spine.jpg
Moving Water Dust Jacket.jpg

Liz Kalloch took the ideas and inspirations I had for my book cover and created a design that literally made me gasp. She brought my book to life in an entirely new way with her extraordinary, spot-on design. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
— Christine Mason Miller

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