Tools & Talismans #87 Mae Moore

T&T #87 Mae Moore.jpg

A few years back I was planning a long drive with some friends and I asked them all to make a "mixed tape" to bring with them — a collection of their favorite songs of the moment, something we could sing along with, you know . . .  driving music. One friend put a song on hers called “Bohemia”. That song ended up playing a starring role on our road trip, and when I hear it I forever think of friends, driving with windows down on windy back highways, everyone singing together. When I contacted Mae to see if she'd be interested in participating in my Tools & Talismans project, I found out she's now primarily a landscape painter. Perfect.

Talismans: Dried kelp from the Salish Sea to connect me to where I live. Hand carved wooden ‘stick’ that speaks to me of pointing the way to creativity. Beeswax candle and apple to remember my connection to the earth and to remind me that creativity and beauty is everywhere.

Tools: As a visual artist: a fan brush for use in my landscape paintings, an iPhone to capture visual inspiration (as well as the camera I used to take the photo.) Panache, the horse, holds my heart and keeps me real. As a songwriter and musician: a pencil to write songs (old school style). New guitar strings, because it feels better.

Mae Moore is a visual artist and musician, formerly on Sony Music.

Tools & Talismans is a personal painting project where I document {in watercolor} the tools and talismans of 100 different women — creators and healers, thinkers and makers, wordsmiths and visionaries. Join me — I'll be sharing a new painting with you every Wednesday.

Would you like to have your very own Tools & Talismans painting to inspire, support and remind you of all the things that make you “you”, as you go about your days, grow your business and create your life? Get in touch so we can talk, I'd love to hear from you!