If YOU are:  a content creator, a small business owner, a creative entrepreneur or a publisher who’s committed, passionate & excited about your work —

YOU will totally enjoy working with ME: a graphic designer, illustrator and art director who specializes in working collaboratively with other creative professionals, solo-preneurs & visionary thinkers to bring your projects to life.

My goal as a designer and illustrator is to help you communicate your idea, translate your vision, share your story and bring your dream into visual reality.

    My Design Services include:
    Book Design • Package Design • Website or Brand RefreshBlog Design & Newsletter Design

    So, how do you know if we’re a good match?
    How do you decide if I’m the designer or illustrator for you?

    I’m dedicated to working with clients where there’s good rapport and understanding because in my experience that is the most important part of working together. If we’re a good fit, then I believe many of the qualities listed below will elicit a “YES!” from you:

    • You’re excited to work collaboratively to create the very best solution for your project;
    • You want to work with someone who’s willing to keep looking until the perfect solution is found;
    • You enjoy people who like to keep the level of thinking high;
    • You want to have fun and feel engaged;
    • You appreciate honest dialogue that’s kind, helpful and directed;
    • You appreciate focus and clear project parameters;
    • You understand that great design doesn’t happen with the click of a mouse;
    • You are as certain of the one-of-a-kindness in your work, as I am of mine.

     Dust jacket design for  Moving Water  by  Christine Mason Miller.

    Dust jacket design for Moving Water by Christine Mason Miller.

    Liz Kalloch took the ideas and inspirations I had for my book cover and created a design that literally made me gasp. She brought my book to life in an entirely new way with her extraordinary, spot-on design. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

    Christine Mason Miller, writer and artist

      Ritual & Rhythm  by Caren McLellan Gazley. Photos by Andrea Jenkins. Design & Illustration by Liz Kalloch. A Jen Lee Production.

    Ritual & Rhythm by Caren McLellan Gazley. Photos by Andrea Jenkins. Design & Illustration by Liz Kalloch. A Jen Lee Production.

    Liz Kalloch weaves together youthful spirit and old-soul wisdom. Her design work is intuitive and discerning, her painting escorts us into other-worldly dreams, and her writing embodies an inner compass that always points toward truth.

    Jen Lee
    Publisher, producer and performer

    A Look at the Design/Illustration Process:

    1. Getting to Know You The very first thing we’ll do is schedule your free 30 minute consultation where you’ll tell me about your project. We'll talk about your work, your business, your time line {and mine} pricing and payment schedules. Once we’ve agreed to work together, details are finalized, contracts are signed and a 50% deposit on the project is made.

    2. Exploring Your Project I’ll ask you to spend some time pulling together visual inspiration on a private Pinterest pin board. You’ll fill the board with type, colors, and imagery that you feel is in line with your project, your brand {if it applies} and your overall aesthetic. Your pin board will give me a place to start listening to your story.

    3. Defining Your Project Now it’s my turn. After I review all of the information you’ve given me I create a Mood Board. It will set the stage and define an overall design direction and color palette for your project. After you approve the Mood Board, I’ll create a design strategy and start the design process: brainstorming ideas, sketching and creating digital concepts.

    4. Create Create Create I’ll create several design options {the number of options will be agreed upon at the contract stage} for you to review for our first deadline and then it’s your turn to provide honest, detailed feedback. We’ll discuss the designs that you’re most drawn to and then we’ll choose the final design direction and discuss adjustments, alterations and revisions to that design.

    5. Wrapping the Party Once we’ve completed the revisions, and I’ve delivered a final design for your project, it’s time to wrap up loose ends. You’ll be billed for the remaining balance and as soon as your final payment is received, you will receive your packaged project files and an accompanying guide which will help you to: upload files to a printer, hand off the designs to your web developer, etc.


    Liz produced a gorgeous cover design and illustration for my book — I loved the way she worked to discover more about me and my work so that she could create something that really fit the bill.  Liz created a unique solution that reflects the essence of my book, whilst at the same time accommodating my time frame and design requirements. I’d recommend her unreservedly to anyone who wants authentic, inspired illustration or design work.

    Mary Ann Mhina, author of Listening to Our Grandmothers