A Friendly Reminder about Website Design: I only work on the Squarespace platform.

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Logo Strategy & Design are not included in the Website design process or pricing. Typically Brand Strategy & Design can include:

  • Three initial design concepts and two rounds of revisions to one design. Final logo files provided in various file formats.

  • Custom mood board which defines the overall style and color palette for your brand.

  • Brand Guide with logo specifications, variations, patterns, fonts, size guidelines, social media graphics and more.

  • Social media banners, profile image and 3 custom image with your brand to share on social media.

  • Business card design.

The Branding process can run 3-6 weeks.

If you're interested in having an email newsletter template designed at the same time as your website, I can do that! I work with Mailchimp only. Visit my Website Design page to see what other web design services I offer.

NOTE: All the information you’ve shared with me here will be a) kept private and b) put to good use as I work on designing your new website. Thank You!