Tools & Talismans: A Conversation in Watercolors

Tools & Talismans is a series of vignette paintings that tell the stories of women through the tools they use in their work — and the talismans they keep close by, as muses, charms and reminders.

The series includes:

Writers – Healers – Artists – Thinkers – Photographers – Activists – Teachers – Designers – Visionaries – and many others

Some are well-known, and all are immensely interesting and creative women I wanted to know more about.  So . . .

I contacted them and asked:  What are the go-to items you need to produce your work and what are the things that help you in other, more ephemeral, palpable and motivational ways. I asked them to photograph the assorted objects and write a few words about their meaning and as the submissions started coming in, I began painting!

The result is a series of 100 paintings with the each woman’s accompanying thoughts — and some of my thoughts while painting.  A selection is available below {and if you're interested in seeing all 100 paintings visit the Retrospective Page HERE.}

Tools & Talismans has been featured in: