LOVEwild {the mission} Website

Website Design | Brand Design | Illustration
client: Kolleen Harrison and LOVEwild

THE PROJECT: LOVEwild {The Mission} is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing heightened awareness to the issue of bullying. Founder Kolleen Harrison designs clothing and accessories and also handcrafts jewelry in order to raise funds for organizations who are working to eradicate bullying. LOVEwild is dedicated to turning the world’s focus to love, acceptance, inclusion and kindness.

I created the site for LOVEwild with a simple flow so that their primary message would be the main focus. Kolleen’s mission to bring our awareness both to the huge problem of bullying {in our schools, at the work place, on line and really, anywhere} plus the need for us all to gather with kindness and love. To that end, I designed and hand drew all the tribal patterns on LOVEwild’s site as a reminder that when we gather together, we have the power to make big changes in our world.


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