Listening to Our Grandmothers

Illustration | Cover Design
client: Mary Ann Mhina

Listening to Our Grandmothers Covers.jpg

THE PROJECT: Mary Ann Mhina recorded and wrote stories from the voices of five grandmothers.  For the cover illustration I wanted to lean further into the theme of grandmothers by using imagery, story and visuals that directly applied to Mary Ann's own grandmothers — together, we came up with an illustration and a design direction that both supports the book, and represents the wisdom of the elders in Mary Ann's own life, as well as the women interviewed in her book.


Liz produced a gorgeous cover design and illustration for my book Listening to our Grandmothers. I loved the way she worked to discover more about me and my work so that she could create something that really fit the bill. I wanted something unique that would reflect the essence of the book I created and Liz provided that whilst at the same time accommodating my time scales and design requirements. I would recommend her unreservedly to anyone who wants authentic, inspired illustration or design work.
— Mary Ann Mhina, author of Listening to Our Grandmothers

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