The 10 Letters Project: A Year of Art & Friendship

Book Cover Design | Interior Design and Layout
Client: Jen Lee & Tim Manley — Jen Lee Productions

THE PROJECT: The 10 Letters Project is the 7th book I’ve designed for Jen Lee, and perhaps more than any of the others, this one feels the most true to her expression and work in the world. It’s a year of written correspondence between 2 story tellers as they push their personal and artistic boundaries and find strength and solace in the company of each other.

My creative collaboration with writer, story teller and film maker Jen Lee has traveled along some varied paths over the last 5 years. She’s a creative content maker of epic proportions and I’ve had the pleasure of designing 7 books, 2 audio programs, several CD packages and the DVD packaging and merch for her documentary film Indie Kindred.

This is the kind of working relationship that I live for as a designer — having the opportunity to delve deeply into another artist’s work and create covers and packaging that tell her stories and hold her vision, while also {in Jen's words} “inhabiting the creative space alongside her and being both a visionary and a mirror for her words, her art and her expression”.

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“Liz Kalloch catches my dreams and helps me imagine and shape them into reality. Her expertise in publishing, packaging and product development—on top of her gifted eye and deep intuition—converge, and I have five advisers in one. Our partnership has taken my own work to a new level, and remains a source of deep, abiding joy.”

Jen Lee, Filmmaker, Writer, Gatherer

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