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“Professional, magical designer. That’s what Liz is. I could not have been more impressed with her work in designing and building my new website. Not only did she understand the look and feel I was asking for, she seamlessly incorporated my brand elements into the overall design while building a website structure that allowed for the flexibility I was asking for. Toss in meeting my goals, timelines, and budget as well as being an excellent communicator, and I was a very happy client. Working with her felt authentic and she made my project feel special, well cared for, and honored. That’s the Lizzie difference!”

Barb Skoog, Cloud Artist

“Working with Liz on my first book was a dream come true. Publishing an art book is a complex process, especially for a first-time author. Liz is a pro, who knows how to handle every aspect of the design process from color, to composition. It was a completely anxiety-free process and putting my “baby” in Liz’s capable hands was the best decision I could have made. Choosing Liz as my book designer exceeded every expectation I had. I can’t wait to write another book and hand it off to Liz!”

Amy Tingle, artist & Author

“When I redesigned my website, I knew I wanted to use watercolor to convey not only a timeless look and feel but also more complex concepts that are essential to my teaching and business. Liz helped bring all of this to life with a variety of creative and insightful ideas and options. I couldn’t be happier with the final result!”

Anna Guest-Jelley, Founder & CEO of Curvy Yoga

“Working with Liz was a dream. I’m an artist and also a sometimes graphic designer and trying to design my own book was giving me heart palpitations. It's really hard for me to trust other people to make design decisions. Liz was AMAZING to work with. She was intuitive, got the project immediately, gave me just the right number of options, listened to feedback and really nailed the project. I couldn't recommend her more!”

Lisa Solomon, Artist & Teacher

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“Liz Kalloch catches my dreams and helps me imagine and shape them into reality. Her expertise in publishing, packaging and product development—on top of her gifted eye and deep intuition—converge, and I have five advisers in one. Our partnership has taken my own work to a new level, and remains a source of deep, abiding joy.”

Jen Lee, Filmmaker, Writer, Gatherer

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“Liz Kalloch took the ideas and inspirations I had for my book cover and created a design that literally made me gasp. She brought my book to life in an entirely new way with her extraordinary, spot-on design. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Christine Mason Miller, Author, Artist, Explorer


“Some of the most beautiful work I’ve sent into the world has first traveled through Liz’s artful hands. I work with Liz as a collaborative peer. Her flexibility, ease of expression and willingness to work cooperatively is Olympic level. She is intuitive, respectful and appreciative.”

Mary Anne “Em” Radmacher,
Author & Artist

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“Our collaboration has elevated my words in a way I hadn't anticipated. To see the care involved in the hand-lettering, and the fineness of the illustrations gives the poems a new accessibility, intimacy, and depth.”

Maya Stein, Ninja Poet, Writing Guide, Creative Adventuress