She: A Celebration of Greatness in Every Woman was co created with author and artist Mary Anne Radmacher and is a book that celebrates many of the great qualities in women. The qualities that the world celebrates as great in any human being: leadership, purpose, adventurousness, risk-taking, and resourcefulness — and we also celebrate some of the qualities that may at first glance not be considered great {in the grander sense}—welcoming, creative, happy, nurturing and compassion. Though written from a female perspective, Mary Anne and I put together qualities that we felt were universal among people, and in keeping with the Divine Feminine.

Each page spread features vintage art and ephemera hand coloured and designed by me, paired with a love letter to each of the qualities by Mary Anne Radmacher, along with tributes to women’s strength, character, and the extraordinary capabilities within each and every woman.


I am one of 10 independent artists featured in this documentary film Indie Kindred. Producer and director Jen Lee created a film that tells stories from artists, writers and musicians who turn friendships and virtual connections into real-world collaborations. Explore the benefits and challenges of creating independently, how to find like-minded others and what’s possible when makers join forces to create together. Indie Kindred premiered at the World Domination Summit conference in Portland OR, in July 2013.

I’m a featured contributor to Desire to Inspire: Using Creative Passion to Transform the World a book about creativity and inspiration written by Christine Mason Miller.

I contributed to the book Creatively Self-Employed by Kristen Fischer. Whether you are already your own boss or you’re just thinking about it, these stories will give you the strength to succeed in your own creative business.

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