Design Packages

Perhaps you need a bit of a website refresh — a new banner for your website, a range of new images for your newsletter or graphics for your social media accounts, or monthly updates and changes to your website. Maybe you want to up your presence on Pinterest, and need some help developing images for your blog posts that will represent you and your work. Or, possibly you’re developing a new course or project and need help with the visuals for your new work. I’m here to help!

I’m currently offering 3 Design Packages that are perfect for someone who needs a part-time designer on their team.

Design Package #1 • 5 Hours per Month |  $300

Perfect for those couple of things that need done each month:
2-3 images for your blog and/or newsletter, monthly updates and changes to your website
or 1-2 images for your social media.

Design Package #2 • 10 Hours per Month | $500

Have a few small or medium projects that need doing? This is your go-to option:
3-5 images for your blog, weekly social media graphics and/or a PDF or worksheet.

Design Package #3 • 15 Hours per Month | $750

This is the Package that will help you to get it all done:
5-8 images for your blog, twice weekly social media graphics, design to extend your brand, website buttons or badges, and newsletter design.

 Website Button designed for Jen Lee’s Retrospective podcast

Website Button designed for Jen Lee’s Retrospective podcast


“Liz Kalloch weaves together youthful spirit and old-soul wisdom. Her design work is intuitive and discerning, her painting escorts us into other-worldly dreams, and her writing embodies an inner compass that always points toward truth.”

Jen Lee, Filmmaker, Writer, Gatherer


The Details


  • I’ll send you a link to a form so that I can get an understanding of the work you do, and what you will be needing from me.

  • At the beginning of each month that we’re contracted to work together I’ll send you an email asking what you'll be needing over the next 30 days.

  • I'll create a schedule that we'll share and you'll post projects that are upcoming and some brief details.


  • Agree to work with me for a 2 month period.

  • Supply me with a detailed style guide for your brand: fonts, color palette, and all logo files.

  • Supply me with urls for your Website, Etsy shop, social media outlets and any other places you live or work on the internet.

  • Agree to give me 7 to 10 days lead time if you have a project with a specific time deadline.

  • Start a secret Pinterest board where you can collect ideas and visuals that you feel work with your brand and invite me to it. This will help me get to know you, your business and your visual aesthetic so that I can create images that will work for you.