Ready to Get Your Book Onto the Page?

I love books, but even more, I love designing and making books. I’ve worked with publishers and I’ve worked directly with writers and artists on a variety of books, and the one thing they have in common?  They all need a designer to create a package where their words can live beautifully, and comfortably. Whether you’re looking to self-publish, create an e-book, or package up content for a course offering — I want to work with you and create the book of your dreams.



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Book Package #1 • Just the Cover
starts at $700

  • 2 Cover Concepts

  • 2 rounds of revisions

  • Files prepped for press

Book Package #2 • The Whole Book
starts at $1800

  • 2 Cover Concepts

  • Book layout design includes up to 200 pages and no interior images

  • 2 rounds of revisions for the Covers and the Interior

  • Files prepped for press

Book Package #3 • The Whole Book Plus
starts at $2500

  • 2 Cover Concepts

  • Book layout design includes up to 200 pages with graphics, photos, illustration, charts and etc.

  • 2 rounds of revisions for the Covers and the Interior

  • Files prepped for press

I’d love to talk to you about your book project! Click on the button below to schedule a free 30 minute introductory call.

We’ll discuss your schedule, what size and shape book will best suit your project, how the content of the book can and will lead the way for the design, and if you don’t already have a printer in mind, we can talk about what kind of printer will best suit your needs. And, I'll answer any questions you have about the process of making a book. 

In This Moment: Field Journal and Photo Album  by Liz Lamoreux. Design & Illustration by Liz Kalloch. A Jen Lee Production.

“Working with Liz was a dream. I'm an artist and also a sometimes graphic designer and trying to design my own book was giving me heart palpitations. It's really hard for me to trust other people to make design decisions. Liz was AMAZING to work with. She was intuitive, got the project immediately, gave me just the right number of options, listened to feedback and really nailed the project. I couldn't recommend her more!”

Lisa Solomon, Artist & Teacher



Making a Book: A Process Timeline

Once we’ve decided we’re going to work together, we’ll begin the process like so:

  • I’ll send you a questionnaire and you’ll fill it out and return it to me;

  • You’ll send me your manuscript, and I’ll read it;

  • When I’ve received your questionnaire and read your manuscript I’ll research your audience, look at any competitive titles, and ask you to share research you’ve done on your own.

The research phase typically runs 7-10 days from the time I receive your completed questionnaire. We’ll schedule a meeting to discuss my research {and yours} and then, I’ll begin work on cover concepts for you to review. 

Typically I deliver cover concepts to you 7-10 days after the research phase is complete. You’ll review the cover ideas and come back to me with your favorite direction and we’ll hone that design. Once you’ve approved the cover I’ll start designing a sample interior for your review.

Sample interior spreads usually take about 5-7 days. We’ll work together to fine tune the final look of the interior of your book and then I’ll move on to final layout, which typically takes about 2–3 weeks.

Length of the Final Layout time will depend on the complexity of the overall design plus the amount of feedback/changes you have for me — most text-driven books take between 1 and 2 months from start to finish, and art books, or image-driven books tend to take a little longer.


“Liz has a way of moving through the world with an open heart that simply makes her a joy to be around. She is a kindred spirit who deeply listens and teaches me to trust my creative intuition. When you work with her, you quickly learn that she wants to understand who you are and enhance the stories you are sharing and she does this with her creative toolbox full of colors, patterns, and wisdom.”

Liz Lamoreux, Artist & Author


Do your Book Design fees cover the cost of printing?

No, they don’t, the cost of the printing is not included in my basic fee structure. We’ll look at a number of printing solutions for your project. 

If you’re looking to do a small print run {50 - 300}, your best bet is to use a Print on Demand (POD) service like MagCloudLuluBlurb or Amazon’s Createspace — they all accommodate small print runs and they all have pricing pages where you can easily get an estimate on the printing costs. I also work with a few printers who are local to me who specialize in high-end custom printing, binding, and small print runs.

I want to publish a book of my artwork can you scan for me?  

There are quite a few scanning services out there, I always suggest that you look in your local area: do a Google search for art scanning services, and ask other artists/photographers in your area where they go for scan services. One of the most important things is finding someone to scan the work that knows how to color correct and clean up dust and scratches and etc before the files are sent on to me. I can and do provide scan clean-up services but it is an extra fee, over the book design fees.

Will you proofread/edit my manuscript?

I don’t proofread or edit your copy but I have a short list of editors and proofreaders that I can share with you. I highly, strongly and sincerely recommend that you have your manuscript proofread, before we begin the design process, it’s worth every penny not to find a typo in your freshly printed book.


Do you convert for Kindle and other e-reader services? 

Yes, I can. Once your book design is complete, I can give you a quote for converting to the e-book version of your choice, it’ll be based on page count and complexity of conversion.

Will you provide me with a barcode for my book?  

I don’t supply barcodes. If you’re publishing your book through CreateSpace (the Amazon service) they’ll provide you with a barcode for an extra fee, and if you want to get one on your own is a good resource to purchase ISBN numbers with barcodes. And a Note: If you're hoping to get your book on Amazon {or placed with a distributor} it must have a barcode.

Are there additional fees that I can expect during the design process?

My quote to you will stand, and I’ll always honor our agreement. Occasionally a project will run a little longer than we’d planned and a quote from a secondary vendor {like a printer or a specialty service} will expire and in that case I'll let you know about any cost changes coming in from another vendor. And occasionally, the client {you} will get inspired and come up with an idea to expand or make changes to the initial project and in that case we’ll at revised costs for the project and I’ll be submit new costs. 

Have any other questions? Contact me to set up a free 30 minute introductory call to talk about your book project.

Live with Intention ,  Us!: Celebrating the Power of Friendship  and  Honey in Your Heart  by Mary Anne Radmacher. Designed by Liz Kalloch.

“Some of the most beautiful work I’ve sent into the world has first traveled through Liz’s artful hands. Her flexibility, ease of expression and willingness to work cooperatively is Olympic level. She is intuitive, respectful and appreciative. ”

Mary Anne Radmacher, Author & Artist