Tools & Talismans #91 Kerstin Martin

As a web designer, blogger and Mac girl I spend a large part of my days with technology. My Apple mouse and iPhone probably see most of the action and even though I am old enough to remember life before the internet I have fallen hard for the way we communicate and connect in the 21st century. I grew up with star trek and little did I know back then that those wireless communicators would become reality in my lifetime! The iPhone is my most treasured tech device and I mainly use it to take photos and feed my social media addiction. I recently got a loopy case for it and I love it, now I can carry it more securely and quite literally be attached to it.

Despite my love for technology I could not be without my journals, I love Leuchtturm and Rhodia, this is where I write my morning pages, to do lists and brainstorm ideas using colorful washi tape and my favorite pen. The latter is a cheap and cheerful marketing pen from my mother’s former employer, a radio station in Cologne, Germany. My mom passed away unexpectedly last November and I wish I had taken more of these pens when we cleared out her apartment, she had a whole drawer full of them but I only took a couple. They write great and I keep one with me in my purse. The chestnut also belonged to my mom, she used to keep them in her coat pockets for good luck and now I do the same. I miss her very much and have kept many of her things, they give me a lot of comfort.

My Nespresso coffee is my morning staple and I also have a thing for coffee mugs, something else I shared with my mom. I got this mug during a road trip with my husband, it is from Crate & Barrel and I love how it sits in my hands and it reminds me of the wonderful day we had in Portland. Last but not least, my Gucci glasses! I am not really a designer kind of girl but I love Gucci frames and this is my favorite of all. My eyesight has gotten very bad over the years and my glasses are probably my most essential tool for everyday life!

Kerstin Martin • Squarespace Expert. Online Educator.

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