Tools & Talismans #73 Lila Danielle

My computer, and music websites specifically, connect me to my passion and to the devices in which I offer my best work in the world. Music and dance play a large and very important part not only in my own creative self-expression, but in the crafting of events I make available to others. I can spend hours online in the pursuit of finding new music. Whenever I discover a song that makes my body move and my spirit soar, all the time and effort that goes into this beautiful obsession is worth it.  

I drink coffee every morning from this mug. I love its colors. I love its size. I love how it feels in my hand. I especially love what it says on the front which is “Say Yes.” It's a simple reminder at the beginning of each day to remain open to any and all invitations and possibilities.  

I am a writer who never has enough pens. It's quite possible I have an addiction to purchasing writing implements. There's something so satisfying, so delicious about writing with a beautiful pen on paper that typing on a computer could never match.

Ever since I was a small child, my mother gave us white stones whenever she wanted us to remember that “No matter what, White Light surrounds you always.” When I travel, I always carry a white stone with me. And now that I think of it (and I don't think I've ever told her this), wherever I go, I carry her with me.  

Dragonflies are symbols of transformation. And like the dragonfly, I am always changing, becoming, evolving.   

Lila Danielle • Writer. Dancer. Facilitator of Moving, Freeing Experiences.