Tools & Talismans #69 Inka Mathew

This Pantone 376 mug is one of a 6-mug set my husband gave me for our 8th anniversary. I love this one the best because green is my favorite color. I'm a coffee drinker and I always have a cup of coffee on my desk.

I'm a freelance graphic designer, specializing in logo and branding, also print design. I use Pantone color chips quite often for my work. For the past three years though, the book has taken a more essential role because of my visual blog "Tiny PMS Match" ( It's a personal project of a tiny proportion, in which I match small objects in my life to their matching Pantone colors.

I use this notebook to do sketches when I design logos. I love the dot grid! I also use the dot grid page as a background to shoot my "Tiny PMS Match" objects. It really helps me keep everything aligned and consistent.

I started to pick up hand lettering last year and I enjoyed exploring the medium. I bought this fountain brush pen and I love using it, it’s one of my favorite hand writing tools now.

I have been using this pencil for 5 years now and I don't think I'll change to others! It feels great in my hand. It's heavy and the weight helps when I do sketches. And a very good eraser indeed. A must have.

I always have a pile of these color chips laying around on my desk. I like the accidental lovely color combinations that happen sometimes.

My iPhone has become an important tool for me ever since I started "Tiny PMS Match" project. I took all the pictures and did photo editing using my iPhone. I do my social media posts through this device as well. It's an essential work tool for me.

My son made these chickens out of random pieces of Legos when he was 7 years old. I found them so adorable and decided to keep them for myself. I put them on top of my Apple monitor to bring me smiles.

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