Tools & Talismans #51 Dawn Sokol

I always have a few that I'm working in. I like to use all kinds of paper and sometimes I'll even alter a children's board book into a journal. I like to have various surfaces to work on, depending on my mood. I'm making this one into my 2016 planner, and it's bound with book board and Fabriano Artistico 140 lb. hot press watercolor paper for the interior pages. This is my preferred paper for binding my own journals. All of these pages were pieces of Fabriano I had experimented on for past book projects, and most of them had some kind of paint on the surface.

I got this at Disneyland when I was in high school. I had been told since I was in second grade that I would be a writer, and this figurine spoke to me. He sits in my glass cabinet in my studio.

I work with acrylics, and this paint scraper has recently become my best friend. I started using it when working on wood panels, but now I use it in my art journals as well. I love the size of it and use it along with my Catalyst blades to move paint around.

My primary tool in my journaling practice is a Micron pen, pen of my choice above all others. I have several Stabilo All in my studio and my pen case. I use them to outline collage bits and then smear the line with my finger tip. They are water-soluble and oh-so-wonderful!

My all-time favorite way to adhere bits to my pages. I learned about it when I started art journaling about nine years ago and have remained loyal since. I like it because it's not messy and travels with my tools well. I use gel medium for pieces that I know I will be painting over.

Whether I'm in my studio or working outside on the patio, I usually have this with me. It's an important piece of the puzzle. I design all my own books and use Photoshop constantly. I scan in a lot of my art and manipulate it on this computer. I am continuously on social media promoting my artwork and my books, so it's a must. The only alternatives are my iPad or iPhone.

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