Yellow — Color Monday

“Follow the yellow brick road . . .” —Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz

Yellow sits between orange and green and is the hottest, most expansive of all the colors in the spectrum. Yellow can be as warm and dazzling as a river of liquid gold or conversely, its intensity can seem violent and often shrill.

In most every society, yellow is equated with the the sun: it emulates sunshine, light and warmth and is a color that’s identified with imagination, enlightenment and the spirit.

Yellow is the hottest color — scientifically and physiologically our eyes are at their most sensitive when encountering wavelengths of light that we perceive as yellow — in fact yellow is actually brighter than white is.

It’s a color that can heighten awareness and create clarity and also symbolizes intelligence, originality and an open mind — it’s truly the color of hope, joy and optimism.

“In common speech, to ‘see the light’ means to be brought to a realization of previously hidden truth. To say that someone is “bright” is to credit him with intelligence. So yellow, the brightest and lightest color, pertains symbolically to understanding and knowledge.”  —Johannes Itten, The Elements of Color

Interesting fact about yellow: Unlike other hues that deepen with saturation, yellow becomes even brighter when it’s highly saturated.

Some things to ponder about Yellow:

  • Yellow captures people with its warmth and energy and draws us in;
  • And on the other hand, intensely bright Yellow can be overstimulating and can make our eyes feel weary, or make us feel overstimulated {and cranky};
  • Because of its association with gold, Yellow is perceived as a high value color;
  • Yellow can run the gamut from the yellow-green of a daffodil bud to the warm amber of the center of a sunflower;
  • Do you have a shade of Yellow that makes you feel warm and rich with optimism?