Yellow is a Splendid Color

Detail from  Source (yellow) , mixed media

Detail from Source (yellow), mixed media

Yellow is sunshine and joy, it’s radiance and enlightenment, illumination and warmth. Yellow is warm and nourishing, buttery and sun-baked. It’s a tall, majestic sunflower and the lightest of delicate, sweet Chardonnays.

Yellow is linked with imagination and enlightenment, but at its heart, Yellow is an extrovert — always ready for a new adventure, ready to chat someone up, always looking for a good laugh.

Yellow is daffodils waving on an early Spring breeze, and the fine down of pollen on a bumble bee’s feet. It’s wisdom and awareness, it’s that quick intake of breathe that spreads an electric surge of surprise through your body.

Yellow contains the energy of our spirit and the purity of our soul. Yellow is the color that dances in the kitchen while making a meal and later croons a comforting lullaby at bedtime.

“Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot;
others transform a yellow spot into the sun.” —Picasso