A Few More Thoughts About Orange

Revelation (orange) , mixed media

Revelation (orange), mixed media

Orange is talkative and effervescent, fun and whimsical, glowing and persuasive. It's a glorious sunrise and an expansive sunset. It's a dramatic exclamation point to a vibrant conversation. It’s childlike and engaging and communicates animated play.

Orange is peaches and apricots warmed by the hot summer sun and it’s also the sensual roundness of pumpkins and the changing leaves in the fall. Orange is creativity, it’s appetite and conversation. Orange is hot and is a force to be reckoned with — holding space for both spirit and libido.

Orange is the color that plays hard and runs fast and makes friends wherever she goes and is also the last kid to leave the playground at the end of the day.

“Orange is the happiest color.” –Frank Sinatra

Liz Kalloch2 Comments