Orange — Color Monday

“Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow.” —Kandinsky

Orange sits midway between red and yellow and is the brightest of colors. According to the Penguin Dictionary of Symbols orange is: that point of balance between the spirit (yellow) and the libido (red). Since balance between the two extremes would {at best} be difficult to maintain, symbolically orange has become the color which most symbolizes lust.

Orange has the highest visibility of all the colors in the spectrum. It’s used most often in signs, advertising, and on products where getting attention is the main event — it’s also why it's used by hunters and highway workers, as well as prison uniforms. High visibility.

Psychologically, a true bright orange is warm and happy and can feel easy and unpretentious, no undercurrents, no secrets. The closer Orange moves to red, the sultrier the vibe, and the closer it moves to yellow the more gregarious and approachable it becomes.

Interesting fact about Orange: it was one of the last colors to get its name, for centuries it was called red-orange. Then when the orange fruit became more widely known {when they were brought to Europe from China in the 15th century}, the fruit ended up naming the color — much like the stone named the color Turquoise and the dye plant named Indigo.

I know from my informal surveys, Orange {like Purple} can be a color that makes people nervous or unsure. It can be so dominating that we're unsure how to use it. So, here are some places to start when thinking about Orange:

  • Orange is energizing and it’s about bringing people together to think and discuss and talk;
  • Orange is friendly and vivacious and has aspects of the season of Autumn;
  • In many Native American cultures Orange is the color of learning and kinship;
  • What's your go to Orange?

“Dance the Orange” —Rainer Maria Rilke