Tools & Talismans #61 Eva Stattine

I practice a form of Biodynamic Acupuncture and Craniosacral therapy. The Tools that I use for my practice are, beautifully, also Talismans that represent everything I love and stand for within myself and my life. I believe that the greatest gift we have to give the world is to be ourselves, authentically, boldly, perfectly imperfect. I believe that it is only through the experience and expression of our true authentic self that we can fulfill our personal destiny. The Tools I use, are used with the intention of activating and clearing the path towards our truest self and our most vibrant, indwelling health and wholeness.

Acupuncture needles: access our source of health and open up blocked Flow (everything's gotta FLOW!).

Medicinal Essential Oils and Herbs: revitalize, strengthen, clear stagnation and balance our bodies.

Crystals: radiate the magical, mystical, beautiful, powerful force to heal, enhance and harmonize.

Pendulum: enhances and supports knowledge and intuition.

Sage and Palo Santo: aid the process of clearing what is being released and metabolized, energetically and physically.

-Eva Stattine L.Ac., acupuncturist, craniosacral therapist and nutritional counselor