Tools & Talismans #76 — Rhea Zimmerman Komarek

I met Rhea at an International Women's Day event in Napa California 4 years ago. I was presenting with Mary Anne Radmacher my co-author of She: A Celebration of Greatness in Every Woman and Rhea was introducing her forth-coming movie Love Bomb: A Journey of Fear to Love. I was so captured by her story, and the premise of her work — both as a chiropractor and as a film maker — and when I started putting together a list of women who I wanted to be a part of this Tools & Talismans series, she was on the very first iteration. She is of service both as a healer and a speaker about altruism and also as a woman who continues to give back to the world in order to “create a better story for humanity.”

My hands are my primary tool and the first to develop, they are how I give to life as a chiropractor, and the core of how I touch people, in real life, day to day.  They are an expression of love.  The rose is one of the symbols that I love, the essence of the flower blossoming.  This is a symbol of my work and the name of my chiropractic studio Blossom.  My goal is to help people to Blossom, knowing that it is our innate design and that we simply need the right conditions to relax, grow, and open.  It is also my mission in life, to relax, grow, and open to give of myself to life fully.  

The bracelet says "Love Bomber" and is a reminder of who I am and the tribe that I am connecting with through my film Love Bomb, my podcast Love Bombers, and the 8 week immersion program I have developed for choosing Love over Fear, called the My Love Bomb Program.  

The ring represents my marriage and my family, the cornerstone relationship that is my support and that holds the life of my son Destry in the safe arms of love.  The computer and mic are the technological tools that represent my love of creating transformational media, from my film to my CD set Breathe Love to my podcast to the online portion of my course and online forums I run!

Rhea Zimmerman Komarek is a Transformational Media Developer, Chief Love Bomber, Chiropractor, Wife, Mommy, and Friend

Tools & Talismans #75 — Stefanie Renée

Compass:  I received this as a birthday present from a dear friend and it sits beside me at my desk.  It reminds me to find my true north and keep on striving for what I really want in life.

VW Bus:  I also have a collection of VW buses and this particular one sits outside my window that I work at and reminds me that adventure is not that far away.

Hamburger eraser: This represents and reminds me of a hamburger bell I had on a bike one summer with friends and every time I rang that bell it meant a “yes to life” exclamation! It reminds me to look at things differently and to really have a “Yes to Life” outlook.

Heart Shell:  When I am out in the world, I look and find hearts everywhere. Either in trees, rocks, leaves, shells. It’s become a habit that my daughters have taken too and it reminds us that love is all around us, all the time. I have a collection of different rocks and shells and I choose 1 to have with me all the time . . .

Laptop:  This is the main tool for my business, I’m a creative entrepreneur assistant and I manage at least 3-4 email accounts daily + all the behind the scenes of these different businesses. I couldn’t work without it. It also allows me the flexibility to work wherever I want.

Watercolors, pencil, pen and brush: I started sketching and water coloring a couple of years ago and they sit on my desk so I have a daily practice of doing something creative. It feeds me in so many ways.

Burts Bees: A tube is never far away, in my purse, my desk, my nightstand, a constant for me.

Fitbit:  I wear this every day and it motivates me to move my body.  I like the reminder to get up from my desk, get outside and walk.

iPhone: my phone is my constant companion for better or for worse. It’s my camera, my entertainer, my link to the outside world.

Stefanie Renee is a Mother, an Artist/Photographer and an all around behind-the-scenes guru for creative entrepreneurs. She’s been motivated to live a creative life, and has always chosen personal and professional pursuits that support and deepen this relationship.  You can find her on Instagram @stefanierenee.

Tools & Talismans #74 — Christina Roos

PAINT BRUSH: I have many paintbrushes or brushes for different mediums. For my ceramics, I often use big heavy not so expensive brushes for the engobes. Engobes is a clay powder colored with oxides and mixed with water. The engobe is like a thick paint. You paint with engobes on wet clay. When I paint on bisque fired ceramics I use a fine brush. The brush painting on glazed ceramic can include all sorts of paint brushes. A variety of paint brushes is good to have as a ceramist.

KNIFE: The knife is a really important tool for me as an artist. Sharp and good quality is best to cut clay and sculpture things. The knife is also a tool when you draw in the leather hard clay surface. A technique called scraffito.

SPONGE: Elephant Ear Sponges are natural sponges with a flat shape and fine surface, very popular among potters due to the absorbent properties. A good sponge is nice to have when making additional work on the clay i.e. when you want a smooth and moisten surface.

CAMERA: Photography is an important tool for me. To see through the viewfinder and focus on one scene or object is interesting and to tell a story about a thing you made is so fun. I also use the camera on my cellphone as a daily tool to collect inspiration for my artwork.

SKETCHBOOK: I use my sketchbook daily. It is a must have tool. I don’t go anywhere without it. It's not only sketches in it, its thoughts, idea’s, phone numbers. It’s a small world of everything.

PEN: I have hundreds of different pens . . .  I love pens! At the moment I like markers.

THE BEAR: This Bear my daughter made when she was ten years old (she is fourteen now). She is not a crafty handy person and this was a hard thing for her to finish and enjoy. Sometimes it is good to do things you don’t like and do it well and finish it and learn something about it. It is a good thing to have new goals that you learn something about.

I love the things made by my children. The things they made when they were 4-10 years old have the energy and naiveté that I personally as an artist am searching for.

Christina Roos is a ceramic artist who likes to illustrate, draw, paint and take photos. She builds small worlds in clay and also makes cups that you can have in your world.

Tools & Talismans #73 — Lila Danielle

My computer, and music websites specifically, connect me to my passion and to the devices in which I offer my best work in the world. Music and dance play a large and very important part not only in my own creative self-expression, but in the crafting of events I make available to others. I can spend hours online in the pursuit of finding new music. Whenever I discover a song that makes my body move and my spirit soar, all the time and effort that goes into this beautiful obsession is worth it.  

I drink coffee every morning from this mug. I love its colors. I love its size. I love how it feels in my hand. I especially love what it says on the front which is “Say Yes.” It's a simple reminder at the beginning of each day to remain open to any and all invitations and possibilities.  

I am a writer who never has enough pens. It's quite possible I have an addiction to purchasing writing implements. There's something so satisfying, so delicious about writing with a beautiful pen on paper that typing on a computer could never match.

Ever since I was a small child, my mother gave us white stones whenever she wanted us to remember that “No matter what, White Light surrounds you always.” When I travel, I always carry a white stone with me. And now that I think of it (and I don't think I've ever told her this), wherever I go, I carry her with me.  

Dragonflies are symbols of transformation. And like the dragonfly, I am always changing, becoming, evolving.   

Lila Danielle is a writer, dancer, and facilitator of moving, freeing experiences.

Tools & Talismans #72 — Lisa Anderson Shaffer

I come from a family obsessed with tools. We make our own tools, pass them down from generation to generation and use the hell out of them. My dad has tools that belonged to his great grandfather and I'm lucky enough to use some of the tools passed down from my grandfather and grandmother.

The wooden ruler belonged to my grandfather Kingston Anderson, or as he was known to me Fa. He was a Norwegian carpenter and could build pretty much anything. He taught my dad carpentry, who then taught me as I was growing up. The scissor set belonged to my grandmother Zelma Anderson, or as I called her Besta. Besta taught me to cross stitch when I was around 9. She loved needlepoint and when I was growing up and we would visit her in Florida I would sit on the sun porch with her, watch her sip a glass of scotch and work on her needlepoint.

The wooden crochet hook belongs to my mom, Lorraine Anderson. My mom used this hook to crochet a baby blanket for me when she was pregnant. When I was looking for just the right size hook to use on my Aerial fiber pieces, I just knew it would fit the bill. My mom gladly handed it over.

The overalls I have had since 1995. I bought them with my friend Chad from an Army Navy store in Easton PA. We were looking for smocks to wear in our printmaking studios, but I decided upon a pair of Oshkosh engineer overalls. I've worn these overalls to paint every single painting, develop every single photograph, and print every single print I have ever made. They tell the story of my career as a fine artist and are one of my most prized possessions. I still wear them on a weekly basis.

The horseshoe was found by my husband Matt on the property of our current house. We have found a horseshoe on the property of every home we have owned in California if you can believe that. He was stunned when he found it and I just love that whether it was North Beach, Noe Valley, or Fairfax, there has been a horseshoe waiting for us.

The antler was also found by my husband on our property. We have a family of deer that stay with us from spring through much of the summer. It has been incredible to watch them grow and change over the last few years. I imagine this antler was from a few generations back. We all feel very close to them like they are a part of the family.

The feather was found by my mom at a house we were all renting together in Marin 4 years ago. I love hawks and seem to always see them soaring overhead. The impact of the design and delicate nature of the feather always strikes me.

The note is from my daughter. She's 5 1/2 and the most illuminating presence in my life. I absolutely adore being her mom, watching her grow, and just being around her. She inspires me daily.

I am a fine artist.

You can find Lisa at her website Zelma Rose.