As a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Art Director, my mission is to grasp the nuance at the heart of each of my projects and to communicate it visually so the rest of the world understands it as well.

I've worked with artists, musicians, writers, publishers, movie studios and web developers, and whether I’m working with a musician on her latest CD, or a publisher on a series of books or calendars, every project has one requirement in common — that I look beneath the surface to capture the true essence of the story being told and create a visual home where it can live and breath.

Born in Virginia and raised in an eclectic mix of Europe, South America and New England, I was a shy girl who became adept at being the new girl.  From a young age, I understood the power of listening, and learned early on to read people’s stories in the lines of their posture, or in the tilt of a head. I learned early on that often the real stories {the best stories} are the ones we can hear and feel, just beneath the surface of the words that are spoken — and I bring that understanding to every project I take on for my clients.

My education in Comparative Literature and the Fine Arts taught me the craft of storytelling and composition. I view graphic design as more than just text laid out on a page, a color palette and the perfect selection of visual images — I see it as the art of revealing and highlighting stories in a narrative manner.

My goal as a designer and illustrator is to help you communicate your idea, translate your vision, share your story and bring your dream into visual reality.

What story do you have to tell?

What People are Saying:

Liz Kalloch is my secret sauce when it comes to designing gorgeous new products for my business and my website. Whether it's a newsletter or a digital download that needs to wow my customers upon first glance, I rely on Liz to represent me artistically in the world and she doesn't miss a beat—giving me even more options than I've asked for, enabling me to see past my own limited vision and into the creative world of what is possible. 

—Laurie Wagner | Author, teacher and creator of 27 Powers


I consider myself outrageously fortunate to be able to do the work that I do among such an inspiring, talented community of other artists. And within that circle, I feel especially blessed to call Liz Kalloch my colleague, my collaborator and my friend. Her creations and expressions are a celebration of color, beauty, light and joy; her designs literally dance off the page.

Christine Mason Miller | Writer and Artist



Liz is that magical combination of highly creative and deeply knowledgeable. She is over and beyond capable of any design project you engage her in, she's the real thing. She executes professionally and creatively and is simply a delight to work with.

Niya Christine | Artist, writer and founder of Crave Cultivate Create



Working with Liz is such a joy. She has that just right mix of laid back combined with get-it-done energy. She asks questions and listens so she can help you to clarify your vision, then she crafts it for you in a way that is even better than what you thought you wanted.

— Michelle Madden Smith
    Event + Online Workshop Producer | Co-founder of Animyst | Owner of Outer Banks Yoga