My goal as a designer & illustrator is to help you communicate your idea, share your story and craft a beautiful bridge that connects your work to your ideal audience — let me tell you a little about how I got here . . .

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Born in Virginia beside the Atlantic Ocean, and raised in an eclectic mix of Europe, South America and New England, I was a shy girl who became adept at being the new girl.


As the perpetual new girl I learned that after a move, before new friends were found there were my old friends: Books.

Yeah, I was that girl. I read everywhere and anywhere — often I'd read while walking home from school — much to the embarrassment of my brothers who’d walk on the other side of the street. 

I learned early on to read people’s stories in the lines of their posture, or in the tilt of a head, the movement of a hand. I learned early on that often the truest stories are the ones I could hear whispering  just beneath the surface of the words being spoken.

And as an adult I’ve continued the tradition of new girl — I’ve moved a lot, travelled a lot and I’ve learned that the gift of my childhood was: New Girl has a Variety of Experiences to Draw From.

I attended art school with a major in fine arts, photography and a minor in Comparative Literature.

I’ve earned my living as a weaver, a pattern designer, a newspaper typesetter, a production knitter, a research assistant, a garden designer, a net mender, an illustrator, a ceramic painter, a graphic designer and an art director.

I've worked in book stores and small non-profits. I've worked for large publishers, small gift publishers + artists and authors.

I share this part of my story — with a bit of the wanderings — to say that few of us follow a straight line to any destination, including how we make a living.

We often get where we’re going in what may seem like a random series of left and right turns — but taking a moment to look back, we often see there was actually nothing random about it.

I believe the stories that come from our excursions in life are the same things that keep leading us forward — curiosity, self-expression, enthusiasm, restlessness — and they make the getting there so much more rich and interesting.


In my wildest imaginings I never thought I'd end up working as a graphic designer.
Ever. Never. And yet? I was kind of made for it.

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The World of Design is an amazing place where Stories become images; Experiences become containers and packages; Color brings emotion and clarity; and Words can be rendered to tell a deeper story. 

Today I work primarily as a Book Designer, Illustrator and Squarespace Website Designer and I can honestly say that my New Girl was with me on all the winding paths that got me here. Through everything, my constants have remained:

Books • Color • Painting • Listening to Stories • Telling Stories

I believe these constants — these core experiences — serve me well as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Art Director. It's one of my greatest delights to grasp the nuance of a story and get to the core of the meaning for each one of my projects.

My goal as a designer and illustrator is to help you communicate your idea, translate your vision, share your story — and create a beautiful bridge that connects your work to your truest audience — we all need a hand with this stuff . . .

I'd love to hear your story . . .

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What People are Saying:


“A beautiful human being inside and out with an endless amount of talent in her art and design work. Liz has a tenderness about her, making it so easy to work with her... knowing you are heard and supported is everything.”

Kolleen Harrison,
Yoga Guide, Inquiry Coach, Love Revivalist

“I consider myself outrageously fortunate to be able to do the work that I do among such an inspiring, talented community of artists. Within that circle, I feel especially blessed to call Liz Kalloch my colleague, my collaborator and my friend. Her creations and expressions are a celebration of color, beauty, light and joy; her designs literally dance off the page.”

Chistine Mason Miller,
Author, Artist, Explorer

“Liz is that magical combination of highly creative and deeply knowledgeable. She is over and beyond capable of any design project you engage her in, she's the real thing. She executes professionally and creatively and is simply a delight to work with.”

Niya Christine,
Artist, Writer & Designer